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Quarterly CEO Chat

Engaging Physicians  

 Physician Access

myApps  CareLink
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  • How to Login - iPad
  • Getting Black Screen?
  • Adopt "IT" Tip Sheet  
  • Electronic Health Record MSHA Procedure Scheduling Porta

    Physician Leadership Academy
    (must type in msha-inc\ before username)

    Physician Training Modules
    Citrix Roaming Sessions (PPT)  (4.93 mb)
    Citrix Roaming Sessions (Flash) PatientRecordAccessFor Physicians (PDF)

    Provider E-Learning

    Patient Record
    Physician Affiliation Check 

    Physician Offices' Downloads

    Remote Carelink Access
      Connection Steps/Instructions 
      Download Citrix Client (Download First)   

    Mountain States Customer Service Center:  (423) 431-6290